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How To Transport Bicycle In Singapore?

We know it is a hassle if your bicycle breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Or need to bring it for repair.

Thats why we are here.  Our 15 minutes response time islandwide makes us popular with cyclers who need bicycle transport service quick.

Once we get a call for bicycle transportation, we will assigned you the nearest driver so that you do not have to wait long at a deserted road. Be it in East Coast Road, or a far away place like Lim Chu Kang or Jurong, we make sure we reach you on time to provide our Bicycle Transport Service.

Bike And Bicycle Transportion Service Singapore. How To Transport Bicycle In Singapore? Look No More.

The easiest and cheapest way to transport your bicycle or motorised bike to anywhere you want.

  • Tired of riding and need to get back home
  • Bringing your bicycle for repair
  • Family outing with bikes

We have you covered.  Even if its one or a few bicycle, we are able to load it into our vehicle together with passengers.

If its a small bicycle, you can book our 7 Seater Maxicab. But if its a bigger one, and the bicycle cannot be dismantled, then you can go ahead and book our 9 Seater Maxicab or 13 Seater Minibus.

Where To Cycle In Singapore

Road Safety Park

There are many tracks in Singapore that are safe for kids and also adults.  For young children who love cycling, you can bring them to Road Safety Park. You can read more about it here.

Where - 910 ECP, Singapore 449889

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Road Safety Park SG Maxicab

East Coast Parkway

The most popular cycling place in Singapore has to be East Coast Parkway.  How do we know? Cos every weekend, we provide Bicycle Transport Service to many happy families who wants to bring their kids to cycling.  Do take note that it could get a little crowded on weekends, so do cycle safely.

Where - 910 ECP, Singapore 449889

Bicycle Transport Service
Bicycle Transport Service

West Coast Park

Another favourite place to cycle is at the western part or Singapore, West Coast Park. Its not as crowded as East Coast Parkway, so its a better place for starter to cycle. There is also a big Mcdonald's for you and your family to dig in after a tiring day.  If you are tired after cycling, do not forget to call our Bicycle Transport Service. 


Where - Park Map

Bicycle Transport Singapore

Tuas Lampost 1 (For Experience Riders)

Round Island cycling is done.

Depending on your route, it can be between 110km (without Tuas) to 160km (Including Tuas and Lamp Post 1). Duration could be between 8 to 12 hours (including breaks), fitter cyclists will complete faster.

If you cycle on the road instead of pavement and PCN, you will shave off more time. Pavement requires one to detour more and watch out for uneven grounds, and other obstacles like bends and bus stop. The road is faster but also riskier.


Remember, this is not safe for kids.  More to experienced cyclist.

Where - Park Map

Maxicab Bicycle

Safety Tips Before Cycling


  • Make sure you have all safety equipments on, eg: Gloves, Knee pad, Elbow Pad, Helmet, Shoes. This can be bought at a good price at Decathlon
  • Be hydrated. Drink lots of water before, during and after cycling.
  • For beginners, cycle in a group or well lighted roads.
  • Get the right size of bicycle for yourself. Here are some tips
  • Lastly, make sure you know how to cycle. Just kidding.


bicycle transport service
bicycle transport service